Pluko Style

Black & White has been used to style men and women’s since 1922. Trends have changed throughout the decades, but Black & White’s Pluko formula has remained the same!


The Marcel Wave was hugely popular in the 20’s as they softened the hard appearance of the then very popular bobbed styles.

Rub a small amount of Black and White Wax between fingers and smooth through damp hair to make hair mouldable and smooth.

Set hair in rollers, and secure them close to the head.

Once hair is dry, remove the rollers and run fingers gently through hair to define the waves.


Men’s hair was short and sleek during the 30’s and is a great way to get super-neat hair for a special event.

Use the tail end of the comb to create a slightly off-centre parting.

Comb the sides of your hair towards the back on either side of the parting and leave to dry naturally.


Pin Curls were popular during the 40’s and are girly and feminine, adding glamour to any look.

After washing, dry hair until it’s towel dry and work a small amount of Black and White Wax onto the roots.

Section hair in to one inch sections using a pin-tail comb.

Wrap each section of hair tightly around your finger keeping it close to your head. Slip finger out and pin the curl to your head using a Kirby grip.


The 50’s style is making a comeback – barbered short at the sides and back with a slightly longer, textured top section.

To add a modern touch to this look, style the top of hair into a slight quiff by applying a touch of Black and White Wax and moulding hair into the desired shape focusing on the front section.


The late 60’s saw women create a perfectly styled, short haircut.

Hair is styled into a sharp, chin-length bob and straightened around the face.

Apply Black and White Wax, starting from the roots to keep hair sleek and frizz-free and to ensure the style stays in place.


Women continued to support the androgynous, short hair look whilst men’s hair became more flamboyant – from long, straight hair to the Elvis quiff or the Afro.

The shaggy hair style was also popular and very easy to maintain and style.

Leave hair to dry naturally and roughly apply a generous amount of Black and White Wax throughout the hair to create definition and texture that stays.


Whilst women went all out on their hair during the 80’s, crimping, volumising, shaving the sides and sporting high ponytails, men went crazy for the renowned Mohican.

Once barbered into the ideal Mohican style; shaved at the sides with hair at the top at least two inches long, you can have fun creating your own Mohican.

Apply a generous helping of Black and White wax throughout the longer hair and bring hair to a sharp point at the top.

Apply Black and White Wax primarily to the roots and style upwards, sweep hair backwards towards the base of the head without completely flattening it.


The ‘Rachel’ haircut worn by Jennifer Aniston was the craze of the 90’s with women worldwide sporting sleek, shoulder length cuts, choppy layers and highlights.

Gently rub a small amount of Black and White Wax between tips of fingers and ruffle through dry hair to get desired texture and to define the layers.


The ‘Noughties’ saw the rise of bangs in both men and women – more often than not side-swept and sleek.

Brush fringe from a created off-centre parting across the forehead.

With a small helping of Black and White Wax rubbed between fingers, lightly sweep fingers over the fringe to prevent flyaway hairs and to keep the fringe neat and in-place.